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Elimination of Bonded Labour in 4 Districts of Punjab

Location: Districts: Faisalabad, Gujrat, Bahawalpur and Sargodha
Administrative Approval: Nov 18, 2012
Duration: Oct 2012 to  Jun 2020
Approved Cost: Rs.196.987 Million

Main Objective

  • Contribute to Elimination of Bonded Labour due to debt-bondage in the brick kilns in 4 districts of Punjab

Major Component

Enlisted below are the major components:

  • Provision of non-formal  education to children of families at brick kilns and adult literacy for other family members (200 NFE center to be established in 4 districts where 6000  children will be enrolled and 1000 adults will be enrolled at 40 literacy centers)
  • Facilitation in acquiring  of CNICs for adults, ( 12000 workers would benefit) and Birth Registration of Children (5000 families of brick kilns will benefit)
  • Promotion of health and hygiene services among the brick kiln workers 7000 hygiene kits to the enrolled children and adults will be provided. Also health camps will be organized at clusters of brick kilns

Achievements / Physical Progress

The achievements to be retain in the Project are following:

  • 200 Non Formal Education centres established in target districts in which 7894 were enrolled. 132 centres have been closed & 4467 (Gujrat 1266, Faisalabad 1116, Sargodha 1050, Bahawalpur 1035) learners have been mainstreamed into nearby formal schools and 1627 learners have been migrated. Presently 49 NFE centres are functional in which 1618 (Male 824 Female 794 learners) are studying.
  • 50 NFE leaners passed Primary School Certificate examination (Gujrat 12, Faisalabad 26 and Sargodha 12).
  • 1128 adult learners have been completed their six month literacy cycle in 4 districts. (Gujrat 243, Faisalabad 203, Sargodha 460 and Bahawalpur 222).
  • Veterinary Assistants are providing veterinary treatment to animals of the brick kilns workers.  2280 animals (Gujrat 473, Faisalabad 661, Sargodha 820, and Bahawalpur 326) have been treated & 126 cases referred to Veterinary Hospitals.  
  • EBLIK-4D processed 53724 CNICs in all over Punjab out of which 12202 CNICs of brick kiln workers have been  in 4 target districts of EBLIk-4D Project out of which 6854 delivered to B.K workers
  • 3081 Birth registration cases of brick kiln workers children processed in local union councils.
  • 134 health camps have been organized in 4 districts in which 6327 workers provided medical treatment.7000 Hygiene kits distributed among the NFE learners in Gujrat & Faisalabad, Sargodha and Bahawalpur.
  • 345 complaints have been received through Toll Free 0800-88889 & mail regarding the Minimum Wage, which have been referred to the concerned District Officer Labour.
  • The project facilitated Labour Department in holding of DVCs in 4 Districts. Total 127 DVCs meetings have been held in 4 districts (Bahawalpur 36, Sargodha 37, Gujrat 17 and Faisalabad 37)
  • 219 Awareness sessions have been conducted on legal aid services, Veterinary service, Minimum wages, CNIC and birth registration of new bon children and awareness & importance of education.