Enlisted below are the prime functions of the department:

  • Maintenance of industrial peace and harmony in the province of Punjab
  • Settlement of industrial disputes through the process of conciliation, arbitration and adjudication
  • Coordination with District Labour and Human Resource Boards, dissemination of labour market information and implementation of government policies in this regard
  • Adjudication of claims of compensation and cases of non-payment of wages
  • Registration and De-registration of Trade Unions/Federations
  • Conducting of referendums for determination of Collective Bargaining Agents and supervision of election proceedings of Trade Unions and Federations
  • Audit and Scrutiny of the Annual Returns/Funds of Trade Unions and Federations
  • Enforcement of labour welfare laws on factories, Transport, Railway, shops, commercial and industrial establishments
  • Implementation of Government Policies and programmes for the gradual elimination of child Labour
  • Coordination of Government efforts combating the issue of Child Labour and Bonded Labour
  • Registration and de-registration of factories, shops and commercial establishments
  • Training in various disciplines of Industrial Relation, Administration and Financial Management to the Departmental Functionaries, Trade Unionists & Management Representative at Industrial Relations Institute
  • Provision of training, information and advisory services to the industry for improvement of safety, health and working environment of Working Conditions & Environments
  • Distribution of Marriage Grants, Talent Scholarships, Funeral Grants, Management and Distribution of Education cess
  • Allotments of Plots and estate management of labour colonies
  • Promotion of employment opportunities, collection and dissemination of labour market information and assistance to the defense forces by provision of data on skilled personnel