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Health & Safety

The diseases and accidents at work remain one of the most appalling tragedies of modern industrial age and a sheer form of economic waste. The incidence of occupational diseases and injuries is still very high all around the world. According to the ILO estimate over one million work-related deaths, about 250 million occupational accidents occur annually and hundreds of millions of workers suffer from workplace accidents and occupational exposure to hazardous substances worldwide. The situation in many developing countries like Pakistan is even more grave due to a number of factors like illiteracy, lack of education, inadequate medical facilities, lack of reliable information and data of fatal accidents and injuries suffered by workers each year.

Healthy workers are productive workers with high morale and better productivity. The introduction of modern and hazardous technologies in the industries has resulted in high rates of accidents, occupational diseases and unhealthy working environment. An adequate infrastructure to promote and enforce occupational safety and health is invoked.


The Centre for Improvement of Working Conditions & Environment (CIWCE) Lahore is a pioneering institution in Pakistan providing professional services in the fields of occupational, safety, health and environment. It is part of the Labour & Human Resource Department in the Government of Punjab, Pakistan. This is the only institution with foreign qualified professionals, state-of- the-art equipment and a strong relationship with businesses, industry as well as international organizations and the government agencies. 

Precautions against contagious, occupational or infectious diseases at workplaces under The Punjab Occupational Health and Safety Act, 2019 are:

  • Each employee shall be provided with a hygiene card in which, during the month of January and July every year, entries shall be recorded after examination by a registered medical practitioner, appointed by the employer, to the effect that the employee is not suffering from any contagious, occupational or infectious disease. The fee of such an examination shall be fixed by the government and will be borne by the occupier or manager of the workplace.
  • If the employee is found to be suffering from any contagious, occupational or infectious disease, on an examination under sub-section (1)
    • He shall not be permitted to work till he is declared fit by the medical practitioner appointed under subsection
    • He must be declared fit by the medical practitioner appointed under subsection